Oct 18, 2023by KB Farrell

The spending patterns of educated consumers makes it clear that relaxation and quality sleep have become invaluable resources. As recent years have driven that point home, luxury loungewear has emerged as a wardrobe staple. No longer limited to the confines of the spa or living room sofa, loungewear has evolved into a fashion statement, featuring style, comfort, and functionality. 

Luxury price points can be formidable. You want to choose a product that feels fitting to your body and your wallet, and to feel comfortable with your investment.

Developing signature bamboo blends is our singular focus and has made Faceplant Dreams a leader in the luxury loungewear arena since 2008. As you consider investing in Faceplant Dreams, here are some benefits to consider:

Superior Fabric for luxury, comfort and performance: Faceplant Bamboo® is a proprietary blend that uses finer bamboo yarns than any other brand in the marketplace. Similar to higher thread counts of fine cottons, our commitment to finer knits makes our silky finish softer on sensitive skin. Unlike polyester blends used by many loungewear brands, investing in Faceplant means your loungewear is breathable and temperature regulating.

Better Sleep Sleeping in Faceplant bamboo®  sheets and pajamas can reduce the temperature of your sleep micro-climate in excess of 3 degrees lower than cotton and 6 degrees lower than polyester. Reduced body temperature is scientifically proven to enhance the depth and quality of your sleep. A simple shift from polyester or cotton sleepwear to Faceplant Bamboo® is an investment in quality sleep and quality of life.

Sustainability: Faceplant Bamboo is sustainably grown without the need for irrigation or pesticides. We utilize a more expensive closed-loop system to process bamboo from its natural state into a luxury fabric you’ll love. Unlike other brands, our process recycles 99.5% of the chemicals instead of releasing them into the environment. Without added chemicals or treatments, our fabrics naturally resist the growth of odor-forming bacteria, which means less laundering (reducing water usage and the need for cleaning products.) Investing in Faceplant is an investment in the environment.

Certified for purity: Faceplant Bamboo® loungewear and sheets meet or exceed Oeko-Tex® 100 certification assuring you that your beautiful loungewear is free of any harmful substances or chemical traces. Investing in Faceplant Bamboo® is an investment in a healthy life.  

Aesthetic Appeal and Style: Faceplant Dreams goes beyond mere functionality to embrace style and sophistication. Faceplant loungewear is designed in a classic and soothing color palette that blends seamlessly with other pieces in your wardrobe. Our free-flowing lines drape elegantly and skim the body for pure lounging luxury. Simple silhouettes that flatter and embrace your curves are an investment in comfort and style.

Versatility: Mixing pieces from our Capsule Collection, Tulip Collection, Söft and Plush Collections allows your Faceplant wardrobe to effortlessly transition from lounging at home to running errands, attending virtual meetings, or even grabbing a coffee with friends. The range of fabrics and silhouettes remain committed to your comfort at home, while moving with you throughout the day. 

Self-Care: Our signature fabric creates the come-home comfort of feeling “naked only better”. Our loose-fitting wide waistbands, non-binding elastic and thoughtful details like discretion liners in all our shirts and nightgowns make Faceplant an effortless sanctuary. The ritual of slipping into the luxury of Faceplant will draw the line between work and relaxing and allow you to decompress and unwind from the stresses of the day – an investment in your mental health and overall well-being.

Luxury that lasts: With proper care, your Faceplant Bamboo® will maintain its elegance and comfort. Turn garments inside out and launder in cool water with gentle detergent. Tumble dry low and remove from the dryer immediately and your Faceplant loungewear will love you as much as you love them. Faceplant Loungewear is an investment that lasts.

Woman-owned: We continuously evolve our products and processes through our woman-owned and led company culture. Within an increasingly fast-paced world, we invest in supporting a strong work-life balance and relaxation through a 4-day work week for our entire staff.

Want to know more? You will find our well-rested team a joy to work with and happy to help.   813-443-4888


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